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This year I registered Savannah & Larry for JAM sessions.
That stands for Junior Appalachian Musicians.
The kids are taught to play appalachian music
for the fiddle, banjo or guitar. And eventually,
all the kids get to play the bass.
It is a program for 4th through 8th grade
so unfortunately Xander will have to wait another year.

Savannah quickly chose the fiddle. She has wanted
to play the violin for nearly 2 years, but was not willing to
give up the piano. This year, her piano teacher retired so
fiddle it is.

Little Larry picked the banjo. He fell in love
with the uniqueness of the banjo.
And I think the very excited instructor
helped lure him in.
Check out my son's hobbit feet.

This class meets only once a week, but the kids are
learning so much. And they really have a great time
the hour and a half they are there.
Lots of singing and some clogging goes on
while the kids are learning.

The video is of Savannah singing one of the appalachian songs they are learning.
Maybe someday I will have my very own blue grass band.


JoJuan said…
That's so awesome. What a wonderful resource you guys have. I'm really jealous. So, do you have any budding musicians?
Anonymous said…
I love Larry's pics with the bare feet. Authentic! Brings back childhood memories.


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