Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Suzanne's Visit

On Columbus Day weekend, we had the exciting
visit with Aunt Suzanne. The kids were so excited.

We took Suzanne to the Biltmore.
While she was touring the house, we took the kids
to the bass pond for some pictures.

I wish Ruby would stop monkeying around.
I took three group shots and in each shot
she has a different monkey face and pose.
I am not sure what the kids said to her
to make her act so silly.

My Savannah.

My Ruby.

I wanted a shot of Ethan by himself,
but Ruby feels the camera is all about her.
Plus she said she had to be with her best friend.

A fuzzy group shot from across the pond.
Larry Denzil took this while talking on the phone.
We can see what he concentrated more on.

Ethan near the waterfalls.

My kids were not impressed with this falls.
Little Larry kept saying it was not as he
had suspected. I am assuming suspected was a spelling
word because he used it several times in a sentence.

Notice Xander with the forced expression.

The star of the weekend!
Xander is now under the table, pouting
like a toddler.

Thank you for visiting Suzanne.
We sure loved having family here
no matter how brief.


Holly and Dan said...

Suzanne told me she had a blast. Your kids are looking so grown-up! We really need to try to get together to let our kids get to know each other better!