Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Trick or Trunk 2010

This year, Halloween snuck up on the Roberts' family.
We were totally ill prepared.
We bought pumpkins and forgot to carve them.
I was working on costumes the very day of
trick or trunk and did not finish.
And we did not get a group shot of our kids.
Not to mention, we failed to take a picture of Ms. Ruby!

Savannah is there in the red. She chose a costume that
did not look like much of a costume to me.
I think she was just trying to be a cute little
Hannah Montana or something.

Little Larry went as FBI. I searched high and low for an
affordable suit for him. After 11 stores,
I got one at Belk 40% off.

Ethan was mistaken for a power ranger, but he actually
went as a ninja. At least that is what he said he was.

My twilight obsessed boy went as a vampire.
He wanted me to make him a cape, but it had to have the red lining.
His daddy wanted to buy one of those muscle padded
shirts and rip some jeans for Xander to go as Jacob.

A Family Fun magazine recipe.
Spinach hummus with some ghoulish creatures
in a cracker cemetery. Larry had me whip this up
for the party even though neither of us like hummus.
We did learn that our kids love it.

I promise next year we will be so much more prepared.


JoJuan said...

I'm not so good at Halloween either. If Gregg's mom doesn't make it, the kids are pretty much on their own. I love the FBI agent costume. Here, a couple of kids went as missionaries, kind of the same look.
PS. My kids love hummus too.