Friday, January 14, 2011

Grove Park Inn Gingerbread Houses 2010

Back in December, we made our yearly trip to the Grove Park Inn
to visit the gingerbread houses.
The talent that these artists have is unbelievable.
But this year we had a special treat.
Ethan's first grade class made a
gingerbread aquarium that placed in the top 10
of elementary aged students.
He was absolutely proud of their creation.

Oh the anticipation!
We are such mean parents to make them wait.

Here he is in front of his class gingerbread
house and their ribbon.

Each student decorated their very own little critter
and their own little tile.

Ethan was telling us all about it.

There were so many creative gingerbread houses.
I always have so much fun trying to guess
what ingredient they use for different things.

This particular gingerbread was the grand prize winner.
They were nesting eggs that you would never know are edible.

This is Ethan's favorite.

Ruby loved Noah's arc but was too pouty to
take a picture with it.

Seriously, this one looks beautiful enough to have
as a permanent decoration.

This was my favorite. It is the house from Up.

The kids with the only santa they saw this year.
Ruby is not happy.

Here is another picture where all of my kids are happy,
but Ruby. She did not want to take a picture in front
of this tree at this particular time.

But if you wait on her terms, she will give you
the best smile possible.

A replica of the Grove Park Inn.
A poor front side view of the inn.

Here is a view from inside, of the back patio area.
Larry says they boast a heated mineral pool
that is supposedly good for your skin.
Krista I immediately thought of you,
when I realized this place has a spa.
It could be a great place for a girls retreat.

Sorry for being so behind. I hope you
guys are enjoying the posts.


Anonymous said...

I really love seeing those beautiful pics of the incredible creations. Thanks for sharingthem with us!


D, A, B, Z, and Ak said...

Since we decorate houses for both of my girls birthdays - these were cool to see!!!! We don't get 1/2 that fancy!!!! (: