Friday, April 1, 2011

Linus Blankets Project

Long ago, we were blessed with Linus blankets. The first
time was just after Savannah's 1st
birthday. She was hospitalized in Cabell Huntington for
uncontrolled seizures. We were there for over a week
and Savannah was in a large room closest to the nurses
station so she could be monitored closely.
It was a miserable time for us.
But through all this misery, we were given
a Linus blanket. The nurse told me
some women at a local church had made these blankets
for children such as Savannah.
It was beautiful.
It was that ray of sunshine through all those cloudy days.
And the 2nd time we were blessed
with such a humble gift was when Larry was born.
He was given several beautiful Linus blankets
in his numerous hospitalizations.
I remember two in particular.
One was a knitted orange blanket that hungover
his incubator to protect his eyes from the bright lights.
The other was a beautiful, but small red quilt. Perfect for little
hands to carry around.

I always told myself I would return the favor someday.
I would try to make a blanket to give to that family
in need in hopes that it would brighten their day
like mine had.
Here is Savannah with a couple of the Achievement Day
Girls working hard on our blanket.

Take a look at my very first attempt at binding.
Not too bad.

Here is our finished quilt.
I am so thankful that our Relief Society Sisters
have chosen such a wonderful service
project to work on this year.
I hope to make many more in my lifetime.