Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Back to Savannah's birthday

Check out the beautiful cake that only a non
baking dad can do. We celebrated her birthday
4 days late because Larry was out of town. Then I
sprained my ankle so Larry had to do the baking.

No worries though. Savannah is not a high
maintenance child like her brother Xander when it comes
to birthdays.

On Thursday, I took the girls to Cheddar's to celebrate.
Savannah actually wanted to go to Ruby Tuesdays because of the name,
but the nearest one
to us is nearly 40 minutes away.
Can you believe the plate in front of her is from the kids
menu? I told the waitress it was Savannah's birthday
and she hooked us up with all kinds of yumminess.

Savannah opening some gifts.
Ruby is just so thrilled that her big sister is

Yes, I am a bad mom. I did not have enough
paper to cover this box.
No big deal though. Savannah thought it was a trick.

Look at her excitement.

I love this picture because she realizes it was
not a tease. She actually got what she wanted.

I am not sure why Ruby is excited since she
has no clue what a cricut is.
But her cute little reaction is priceless.

Thanks to a really good sale at Hallmark
scrapbook store online, I was able to get Savannah
a Cricut personal. She fell in love with
Aunt Trisha's years ago, but I always felt she was too young.

Happy Birthday Savannah dear.
Scrap to your little hearts content.