Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Outer Banks 2011

It was not difficult getting the kids up
Saturday morning to head to the beach.
We left early enough to be on the road
when the sun rose.

My poor picture does not do it justice.
It was a beautiful reddish orange and the sky
was pink all around.
The kids were so loud and excited!

 Larry liked taking the kids out first thing in the morning and
again in the early evening, late afternoon hours
when the sun was at it's weakest.
Because of this, we happened to be out during high tide.
Xander and his boogie board got slammed into the beach sand.

 Ruby goofing around.  It has been
2 years since we had a beach vacation.
The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

 Savannah having fun flying a kite.
We had a special treat this vacation, we got to see some
old college friends for half the week and Uncle Ben &
Aunt Trisha for the other half.

 Ethan posing with a boogie board.

Little Larry trying to stay warm.

 At Kitty Hawk with our friends kids.  Ruby & Savannah both had a new playmate as well as Ethan.  Larry & Xander always have each other.
 The sun was extremely bright, but it was actually
a very mild day.

 Eating at 5 guys with 8 kids was a new experience.
Ak sitting next to Ruby ate nearly an entire cheeseburger.
I hope Ruby was watching.  She is such a fickle eater.

The kids all took turns burying each other in the sand.  Ethan had so much fun.  He said the sand was nice and warm like a blanket.
 I am guessing I had more pictures of these two little
girls than any.  They were just so darn cute together.

 On flag day, which was also Ann's birthday,
we ate at Dirty Dick's.  Finally some yummy seafood.

 My boys having fun.

We stopped at this candy store that said it was premiered on the Food Network.  Their fudge was not that spectacular, but the kids liked this silly figure.

 It is so great that my kids have an Uncle Ben in their life.
He is just as wild and crazy as they are. 
 Here we are at the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum.

 I could not resist taking a picture of this quilt in the

 While Patricia & I were waiting on the boys,
we noticed a sun bow.
It was really neat to see one if there is such a thing.

 It is neat watching the museum workers clean off items found from various local ship wrecks.

Larry & Ethan wanted a picture of this bell.  Not sure why?
A close up of the sun bow.

So there is suppose to be some humor in this picture
at Jason's expense.  The caption is supposed to be, "The son they always wanted...."

Uncle Ben and Aunt Trisha at Hatteras Light House.
It was so much fun having them with us.

At the lighthouse grounds, we listened to
this park ranger talk about pirates.  My kids were the only ones to volunteer for his
presentation.  It was a lot of fun and
actually very informative.

 My beautiful girls.

Another angle of Aunt Trisha & Uncle Ben
at the light house.

My kids posing at the sign.
 As Larry says... "True Wuv...."

The shark tooth brigade.
Larry Denzil planted shark teeth along the
beach for all to find.
Lynette you would have loved it.

Ruby found this crab headed right towards us.
The boys were so mad because they were digging the beach all up looking for crabs. All Ruby had to do was sit and wait.

Larry Denzil captured it thinking I would cook the poor thing.
I don't think so.  I love eating them, but I am not one for killing, cooking, and cleaning the poor thing.
We let it go.

 So little Larry was the only child to figure out his 
daddy had planted the shark teeth.  He even told his dear
dad, "hey, you put that there because I just looked
in that spot."  Anyways, he found a fully intact
sea horse.  I promise we did not plant this.  He found it
amongst all the sea weed on the beach right next to where
I was sitting.

 The kids all excited about their new Hermit crabs.
This has become a tradition of ours.
We had one little souvenir crab survive nearly 3 years
in our care.

 Uncle Ben & Patricia enjoying the waves...

 In my usual spot.  I finished 2 books while at the beach.
Now that was a relaxing vacation.

 Little Larry spent a lot of time hunting for crabs
and other beach critters.

So here is my biggest kid of all.
He thoroughly enjoyed the rough seas.

Such a drama king!
Until next year I suppose, I will just have to watch
Nights in Rodanthe to see my beach again.
We took a picture of the house on our way off the island.
In the 8 years since we have first started coming to
the Outer Banks, they have moved this house from its previous location.
Sorry for such a long post.  I had over a thousand pictures and
had a hard time deciding which ones to leave out.
Happy Summer Everyone!


D, A, B, Z, and Ak said...

FUN, FUN, FUN!!! You got some good shots! Good variety with a bunch of kids to play with - then an Aunt & Uncle too!!! We had a great time - and just this evening Ak said, "I want to go to North Carolina again . . . That's where Ruby is right? I like her." (: I'm so glad they all got along!!! We'll have to get together again -sooner than 6 years this time! (: