Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Back to School

The great thing about my kids is they love to pose.  I did our traditional back to school photos where everyone is excited to see their friends and go back to school.......  
This year I have 2 junior high kids.  Wow!  When did that happen!?  Savannah & Larry are at the junior high & the other three are at the elementary.  Xander & Larry are in band this year.  Xander plays the French horn & Larry plays the trumpet.  Larry recently made it to the all county band and he was asked to test for the DUKE program for gifted students.  We are very proud of him.  Ethan & Xander are at the top of their grades & Xander is at the top in his school for reading.  I recently spoke to the school librarian who informed me Xander helps her choose which books to order.  He is very proud of this fact.  Savannah & Larry just finished their cross country season.  Savannah somehow finished the meet first for jr high girls and Larry was 3rd for boys.  And Xander & Ruby just finished up their soccer season.  It was a busy fall, but we are quite proud of all their accomplishments.

I am proud of both of these kids, but especially Savannah.  She came out of her shell this season and tried something new.  Cross country was almost the death of her.  She did not realize so much running would be involved.  But she stuck with it and did great.  

Did I mention Ruby played on two soccer teams simultaneously?  She was on the YMCA Panthers & the YSA  Aggies.  I thought I would have ballerinas and musicians, but my girls love their sports.  And Ruby has found one she excels at.

Every family needs a Xander right?  He had a great soccer season and now we are gearing up for basketball.  
I hope everyone had a wonderful and productive Fall.