Friday, October 25, 2013



Blog catchup.... As all of you know, Ethan fell off the monkey bars and broke his shoulder last month.
The above picture is of him at his first & last soccer game of the season.  Poor little guy was even the star player for his team.  He was also on his school cross country team.  He was really bummed to miss out on all the practices and meets.  

Here is Ethan the day after he broke his shoulder.  He had a large bone cyst on his upper humerous where the break occurred.  We learned that it is quite common among children.  And many children are lucky enough to outgrow it without a break.  

Aunt Lynette knows her boy!  She surprised him with a couple of Pokemon cards!

Ethan has had quite an adventure with this break.  He was admitted to PMC ER but because it was a high break, they advised us to take him to UK.  So Ethan & his dad made the late night trip where they slinged it.  We were quite skeptical of the flimsy sling, but after 6 weeks, he is doing great.  
I took him to a specialist at Cabell Huntington who said the cyst was nothing to worry about.  We then took him to Shriners who have been doing all his primary care.  After 6 weeks, Ethan is sling free but far from being 100%.  His bones are near aligned, but the cyst has yet to heal itself.  Docs have told us that could take another couple of months.

So Ethan & I have a little tradition of eating good after these 5 hour road trips.  He loves a good hamburger.  But honestly nothing has competed with that Frost Top root beer Uncle Ben treated him too.

Always wanting to pose, the kids enjoyed their brief visit with mamaw & papaw.  

He may be out of the game for the season, but a local garage gave him a new soccer ball.

And the best part of the whole story was we had to buy a recliner for this little man.  He had to sleep in a near upright position to allow gravity to align his bones.  He didn't get the best nights sleep, but it sure beat sleeping upright on a couch.  He had to sleep that way for a month.
Thanks to everyone who said a little prayer for us.  It truly meant the world.