Saturday, September 20, 2008

Crazy September

What a crazy and chaotic month we have had here in the Robert's household.  Larry has been busy closing the books at work and I have been busy doing homework.  Yes, homework.  I always thought when the kids started school, I would have all this free time to do my thing. Wrong.  I am more busy now with them in school than out.  My morning starts at 5:30AM.  I get Larry Denzil off to the gym and work.  Then at 6AM I get the kids up for breakfast.  While they eat and get dressed, I am making 3 lunches and of course my kids like different sandwiches.  They can't make it easy for me.  By 7:10, they are off on the bus.  Then I have my second breakfast crew get up.  From 8 to 10 I try to do all my house chores.  Blah!  By 10, I jet off to the gym.  Ahhhh.  I hate working out, but I enjoy the me time.  I put in my "ears" and grab a good book and do cardio for the next hour.  This week I managed to run 2 miles 3 days in a row.  I am quite pleased with such a big accomplishment.  After the gym, I have to run over to the school for little Larry and do any town chores I need to do.  By 1PM I am back at home for me, Ethan, and Ruby to eat lunch and finish any chores I did not get done earlier.  By 3PM my school bunch is home and we start their homework.  Savannah and Larry need minimal help, but Xander is really struggling with his reading.  He and I can spend up to 2 hours reading a simple little "baggy book".  Xander has to write 2 sentences and draw a picture for his book each night.  He also has math homework each night.  That is a lot for a first grader.  After we finish his work, it is time to cook.  After dinner, we spend about 30 minutes on scriptures with the kids.  We fight with them to go to bed over the next hour.  By 8 they are all in bed and Larry and I get an hour of tv enjoyment before we finally crash.  That is my daily routine.  I cannot wait for Christmas break!!!

So here are just some fun pictures we have taken this month.
             Here is my crazy little Ethan.  We were
            having some fun with his hair.  He has 
hair like none of our other kids.
His hair has so much body and 
curl, we can sculpt it with our 
hands to be Einstein-like.

           So my mom bought all the kids adorable
little outfits.  Here is Ruby and 
Ethan modeling a couple of 
outfits.  Aren't they adorable? 
Here is Ruby with one of her many babies.
She loves playing momma to all of them.
Here is Xander with some home made 
glasses.  Funny how I can't get him to
wear his real glasses.
So this is what happens when I take a nap.
Larry Denzil feeds our baby chocolate and allows her
to make a huge mess.  Ruby is a chocoholic.
She can smell chocolate in the next room
if you are trying to sneak some.
Last saturday we went to a "fabulous"
princess birthday party for a sister 
in the branch.  She had swords
and goodies for all the kids.
The most fun they had was with the 
pinata at the end of the party.

So here is a new game Ruby has
created for her pure entertainment.
While the kids are trying to come
in the house, Ruby runs to the door 
and pushes it shut with her big butt.
All the while she is laughing and 


Holly said...

I don't know how you do it all! I'm just so relieved my boys still take naps so I can have some "me" time. I know that won't last long, though. Congrats on the running! I've taken running up again and it feels so good.

P.S. I adore Ethan's hair. Sigh. It must have come from your side of the family.