Friday, October 3, 2008

To all of you with healthy children, hug them and cherish them and thank Heavenly Father for such a wonderful blessing.  We thank Heavenly Father constantly for our beautiful children and pray constantly for good health for each of them.  Our children have brought us many trials and we are constantly growing and learning from them.  We have never been bitter or angry with our life. Yes, Savannah has epilepsy but her seizures are controlled and she only seems to have them while ill or out of therapeutic ranges.  Yes, little Larry had a difficult start, but he is a healthy, happy, and active 7 year old boy.  He has endured more surgeries than birthdays and he still smiles everyday.  If he can smile through what life throws at him, so can I.

This week, Savannah has had a rough time. Because of her epilepsy, we have found that her immune system is more sensitive than other children. On tuesday, she left school early with a headache and a fever. She also had a severe sore throat. When she went to bed, she was doing better, but still had a low grade fever.  On wednesday, Larry and I were starting our day at 5AM, when we heard Savannah having a seizure on the living room couch.  We gave her a nasal spray anti convulsant and then she was fine.  I took her to the doctors for a complete check up. Her throat was red, but she did not have strep, her lungs were clear, her ears were fine and her blood work was only slightly elevated in the white blood cell count.  So the doctor sent some blood to the lab to see if she has walking pneumonia.  That too came back negative.  All that we were told is maybe she has a virus, but it is too early to tell what it might be.  
At 2:30 she had another seizure, but was fine afterwards.  She is getting a lot of sleep because of the seizures and she is not talking a great deal.  By thursday, she appeared to be getting better.  She was walking around the house and awake a little more than the day before.  Larry thought about ending her to school today based on how she was feeling yesterday.  Yes, she was wanting to do things, but she did not have the attention span for anything.    I knew she was still ill when she could not sit through Enchanted, her most favorite movie.  And she did not want to play on her webkinz.  
On a funny little sidebar, Xander informed me the last 2 mornings "You know mom, because Savannah is sick, she cannot watch Pokemon."  We never watch Pokemon!  I did not think my boys noticed Savannah's seizures or really knew what it was or what was happening.  Where he has heard this is beyond me?
She had 3 more seizures through the night.  I hope that is the last of them.  I miss my beautiful girl.  It can take up to a week for her to return to me.  So to all of you with healthy little children, cherish them and thank your Heavenly Father for such a wonderful blessing.  I thank him everyday for mine.

Here is Ruby Isabella.  She is so proud to have
stolen my spot in bed.

Here is Ruby once again in her favorite chair.
We had a beautiful Fall Monday.  The kids were outside
most of the day.  Take a look at my baby's feet.
We have berries in the back yard that the kids love
dying themselves with.  Thankfully it has not stained
any clothing or bodies.

This is a look of trouble.
Here are my napping Angels.  I wish I could
join them, but their nap time is my chore time.
Mommy's don't have time to nap.

On a happy note, Larry did get promoted at work on tuesday.  He was made CFO or chief financial officer.  He will be at his highest pay grade, 14,  next July.  There are only 2 more rungs on his ladder if he chooses to climb higher.  The Associate Director and the Director of the Veterans Hospital.  We have been so blessed to have only had to move the 1 time within the VA for him to get the promotions he has here.  Not to mention, he has moved quickly up the ladder.  We are so fortunate and thankful.

I hope everyone is staying healthy. 

the Roberts' family

PS check out the new features on my blog.  I have added a slide show at the bottom, along with some of my favorite songs.  Yes, I love Grey's Anatomy so you will see a lot of videos from that show.  That is my weekly guilty pleasure.


JoJuan said...

Thanks Marsha for reminding how I blessed I am. It is so easy to forget sometimes. Your family is in our prayers. Also, for berry stains, boiling hot water will take them right out. For clothes only, of course!! Thanks for updating and kudos to Larry.

Holly and Dan said...

Poor Savannah! Hope she feels better soon. Tell her we're thinking of her.

Loved the pics! Miss Ruby sure is the queen bee! Gotta love it.

Destinee said...

Hi Marsha,

I'm sorry you guys have been having such a rough time. Please tell Savannah I am thinking of her as well. What a strong little girl!

bow mom said...

Thank your for the reminder. As you read on my blog I've had a case of the poor me's lately and I have so much to be thankful for. Although Clarissa was 6 weeks early and spent a week in the NICU she is healthy- I tribute that to RSV shots. And we almost lost Hunter on Labor Day 2 years ago, My Heavenly Father loves me and has blessed me. I have healthy children. Your in our thoughts and prayers!

Your family amazes me.

I so want to see them. Maybe one summer when we drive out to my dad's well have to make a detour on our way home. I'd love for my husband to see that party of the country too.