Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Can You Guess What Might Be Wrong!!??

Here is Ruby so proud of what she has done.
Can you guess what it might be?

This might be a better shot of her pure joy
and satisfaction. Oh dear.
Can we say hats anyone!?

"Hi everyone. Aren't I beautiful?"

"I am such a princess."

Post a comment if you have figured it out.
Thank goodness those Christmas pics
were already made!!!


In the Middle of it All said...


Marsha said...

Wrong. Keep guessing.

kohm said...

cut her hair???

Destinee said...

I'm with kohm. I think Ruby got a hold of the scissors?!

Marsha said...

Right on the money. It was such a shock, but at least we already took family pictures. She is so proud of it too. She shows everyone and says "cut my hair."

J and C said...

Sorry! This just happened to one of my new friends in Texas. She took it REALLY hard! I guess it had already happened twice before, so it had taken her three years to get any hair at all. And her daughter was saying "I so Pretty" and she was like "NO, no you aren't, look in the mirror, this is ugly..." I really hope it doesn't leave a permanent scar. but it was pretty funny. And her daughter now comes to church everyweek with a headband, so that she will look like a girl.

Marsha said...

I honestly thought it was hilarious. It is a child's right of passage. At first she walked pass me and kept showing me her hair. I thought she had brushed her bangs out of the way and she looked so pretty. Then she got closer and I just cracked up. She was just so cute and proud.