Friday, December 19, 2008

Ginger Bread Houses

Last saturday we took the kids over to the Grove Park Inn to see all the Gingerbread houses on display.  Little did we know, it was such a popular thing to do.  There were people and kids all over the place taking photos.  And a lot of people were wearing really nice clothing.  I know where we are doing our Christmas pictures next year.

Here are the kids enjoying a sleigh ride.  Just
one of many props set up for photo opts.  Wish
I had known.  I would have put cuter clothes
on the kids.
(Ruby had those sunglasses on
nearly the entire time!)

Doesn't Savannah look like gloom and doom.
This was the last group photo we took.
She acts like it was an all day affair!

Xander insisted on having his photo 
in front of this gorgeously TALL tree.
Back up people.  He wants the WHOLE
TREE in the shot.

Too cute to pass up.  Ethan shining his Daddy's

Savannah took this goof ball shot.
Not bad.  She could have used a better model.

This was my favorite ginger bread house, Err
carousel.  I can't believe people can be
so creative with food.

Very cute little bird houses.

One of my boys' favorite.
They are all about the castles.

Look at those 100 calorie oreos.

Xander was quite disappointed that there was
not a single house available for us to eat.


JoJuan said...

You guys do the funnest things. My kids would have loved that. I'm so impressed that you the energy (and, dare I say nerve?) to take your kids to these things. I love holiday outings!!

In the Middle of it All said...

That's crazy! Those houses are unbelievable!!! By the way, wish I could be there to have cute Christmas pictures too...great idea. Much better than my Christmas pictures this year. Love the sled!

Holly and Dan said...

Oh those look so good. I would have been disappointed I couldn't eat them, too.