Monday, May 11, 2009

Date Night

So, Saturday evening, Larry and I were able to go
on a much needed date.
Dates become rare when you have 5 kids
and live far from family.
Thank goodness for a wonderful
young woman who lives near by.

We started our date out with a movie that 
Larry has been dying to see.
I am not a trek fan, but I can say this movie
was actually enjoyable. 
And it actually had a humorous start.
When Larry and I went to the theater to purchase
our tickets, we noticed a balding, middle aged man
wearing a star trek uniform in the lobby.  At first we thought he was just
a theater worker wearing their uniform for the weekend.
When we noticed the ticket booth kids
not wearing the same snazzy outfit and giggling, we realized a serious trek 
fan was in our midst. 
This man was dressed to the hilt and had a
presentation board set up along
with life size cutouts of
Kirk and Spok. Can we say Coo coo?
I so wish I had a camera phone.

After the movie, Larry & I drove around looking for a
restaurant with little to no wait.
Not a bad thing unless it is saturday night
at 6 and a prom night to boot.
We decided to go to Fuddruckers, 
a known favorite when we came across Tripp's.
I am so glad we stopped!
We were sitted immediately and the
manager was actually making rounds greeting
his patrons.  Very welcoming atmosphere
and it passed my no TVs test.
Larry and I were able to have a wonderful
dinner with no distractions.

Can I just say, the food was absolutely fabulous!
I don't usually eat steaks, but opted for the filet mignon
and lobster tail.  It was delicious and this
restaurant has become a new favorite.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend as well.


J and C said...

Lobster and steak? I can see why that would be an immediate favorite!

Glad you guys got to go on a fun date!