Monday, April 12, 2010

A Tour of Washington DC

On Saturday, April 3, we had the opportunity to
tour Washington DC for our spring break.
It is an absolutely beautiful city.
Kim, if you are reading this, I am so jealous
you call this place home.

My first visit to China Town.
Very brief. We just drove
right through it.
I had romanticized that it would
have ducks hanging in the window
with bright reds and golds everywhere.
Not to mention the smell of dumplings
everywhere. Nope, not this China Town.
But it did have this magnificent little landmark.

A group of happy, energetic children ready
to conquer this city.

Little Larry was thrilled to death to see
George Washington's wax double.

Enjoying our saturday morning.

Our first stop: the Washington Monument.
A little later, we passed this beauty again and
a massive yoga class was happening on the lawn.

Silly Xander.

The Roberts kids hangin' in a tree.

My first glimpse of these
famously beautiful cherry blossoms.

The World War II Memorial & fountain.

My Kentucky born babies.

My very special Maryland baby.

My North Carolina baby.

Savannah shivering in front of the Vietnam
Memorial. I swear it was not that cold.
Around 70. Luckily we passed the
Asheley's a little after this and
Brian gave Savannah his sweat shirt.

The kids loved seeing Lincoln's Memorial.

A view of the Washington Monument
while standing across the way at the Lincoln

The Korean War memorial.

Do you see the cherry blossoms?
They were everywhere and absolutely beautiful.

Xander was in pure heaven with
all the dinosaur skeletons.

Savannah enjoying the warmth of a building.

A glimpse of the capitol building.

Pure exhaustion. I think she slept through both

Enjoying the air & space museum.

A free moment to run like animals.
Look out Sun bather.
Wild Roberts children on the loose.

The Old Post Office Tower.
Supposedly it has a wonderful view of the city.
We did not stop because of the long lines.

The kids in front of the White House.
Ruby was not happy about this.

A glimmer of the White House.
It was pure chaos here. Gobs of people were standing
& watching. Not sure what they hoped to capture.
Obama was in NC that day.

This was the very last stop of our DC tour.
By this point, it was near 5 and we were all exhausted.
Unfortunately, we did not get to go into the
theater. It had closed just a few minutes before we arrived.

Sorry for such a long post. If you stop
by, please leave me a comment so I know you
visited. I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful
spring season.


D, A, B, Z, and Ak said...

Good to see young children enjoying the sites at the capitol - I would have thought they were too young - but they looked like they had a good time. Good job in taking them brave parents!!!