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1st Teacher Work Day of the Year = ER Visit

On September 29, we had the first teacher work day of the year.
Ordinarily I welcome them with open arms.
Who doesn't like sleeping in?
But at last, not all teacher workdays are
good days.
Especially the ones where you have to visit the
ER before lunch.

Check out Ruby's gash.
Little Larry chased her through the kitchen where she slipped
and made contact with one of our dutch ovens.
It was terrible.
I can handle seizures and surgeries, but gushing blood
and wiggly teeth are not my thing.

Once I got past the tears, mine that is,
I realized it wasn't as bad as I had initially thought.

Ruby was such a brave trooper. She had 3 little
stitches put in.

This is just a random picture of my
little monkey. She had a mouth full of grapes.
We like to scare daddy and email him such pictures
with a caption that reads might need to go
to the doctors. Unexplained swelling.
He took us seriously once and panicked.

Getting the stitches removed.
She had so much fun letting nurse Tina remove them.

Luckily, her wound is near the hair line. Not to mention it was
perfectly straight.

Since this accident, we have had another
teacher workday and I am proud to
say there were no ER or Dr. visits.


Anonymous said…
Wow. So sorry about the accident. I freak out when those things happen. I'm glad she's okay.


PS Loved the detail about the jokes you play on my brother with the cell phone pics! FUNNY.

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