Friday, October 19, 2012

Surprise Anniversary Gift

This summer, I found these cool University of Kentucky fabrics
online at Hancock.
I bought half a yard of all 4 pieces and started searching online
for some inspiration.

It did not take long to come across the wonky star quilt pattern.
I have never done a quilt pattern that required so much 
cutting and measuring.

This was going to be my quilting project while the kids were in school.
But it was also going to be a surprise for the biggest UK fan in my life.
A surprise that I was going to try and keep hidden till December 20.
I was able to keep it hidden for 3 months.  But once I put it
on the quilting frame, it was no longer a secret.

I enjoy hand quilting very much.
I joked with an old friend telling her that I get restless hand
syndrome when I am not working on something.

Two birthdays ago, Larry Denzil bought me this quilting frame.
Last week was the first time I had a quilt on it.  
I must say, this is by far the best birthday gift ever!

I was able to quilt this entire quilt, about a full size, in less than
a week.

Yes, I am a dork!  I staged it.

This is also the first time I have ever used black backing.

I love how the stars show up on the black fabric.

All quilted and bound, Larry Denzil now has a quilt to wrap up in
while watching his Beloved UK basketball.

Even though it is only October,
Happy 16th Anniversary Larry Denzil.


Anonymous said...

You should totally move to Utah so you can teach me how to quilt. Although, I think it really is an innate talent to be as good as you are, not so much a learned skill. I wish I had your talent and patience.