Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to a Missionary

On Monday we were invited to a surprise birthday
party for our missionary, Elder Terry, who was turning
21. This was the best family home evening we could
have asked for. Thanks Jennifer for inviting us
and putting together such a fun get together
which such wonderful people.
Apparently Ruby finally has a girl to play with in nursery.
She and L ran all over the yard.
It was such a wonderful sight. And when L left,
they gave one another a hug.
Here the girls are watching the men desperately
trying to light this cake. The summer breeze was working
against us.
Ethan enjoying his dad.
The men trying to light the candles.
Look at this transformers cake. My boys were just
oohing and ahhing over it.

Elder Terry opening up some fun gifts.

Look at this awesome pinata. My kids were thrilled to death
to see such a beautiful thing hanging from the trees.
Being the youngest, Ruby got the first hit.
She knew exactly what to do and was thrilled to death
with pleasure.
Here is Ethan getting his licks in. He was a little scarey because he
started running around in circles whacking air.
Here is S taking her turn. I think she realized that
stabbing worked too.
Xander taking his turn at bat, or so it seems.
Savannah's favorite person is in the background,
her activity day leader.
Larry having a go at it.
My favorite picture. Here is little B
taking a turn at hitting the shiny pinata.
All the older kids made it seem so fun, he had to
take a turn too.
Savannah popped a hole in this thing.
She wasted no time at hitting it.
The birthday boy taking a few swings.

His companion whacked it out of the tree.

Check out the mad rush of kids. If there is one thing they have learned,
Jennifer knows how to fill a pinata!

I missed the perfect shot, but as Jennifer was
moving the pinata away from the kids,
Ethan was inside of it scrounging around for more
candy. She literally pulled it off his head.

Happy 21st Elder Terry.


Zelna said...

lovley pics.

Zelna said...

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In the Middle of it All said...

I love it when there is a makes everyone revert back to an age where you would stick your head into an object that was just cracked open by a stick just to make sure you get as much candy as you can. Very cute pictures...makes me feel like I am there.